Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Like the Statue of Liberty
She surrounds herself with every age, race, and creed

She believes herself to be empty and starving
Yet her heart beckons to so many in need

She knows no strangers, she has no secrets
She tells even her enemies her fear

Her eyes, her weapons, pierce you with compassion
Always ready to drown you with one tear

Her kindness and sincerity beg your forgiveness
At any cost

Her beauty covers up the scrapes and scars
From every tribulation she has lost

Her love goes deep
Over the borders her roots are allowed to spread

Her branches intertwine, are entertaining
It's blossoms fill us with humor, we are fed

When days are too full of woe and shade
And you want to hide or complain

With warmth it would cheer you
To meet her, to know her, my friend Jane


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW !!! Your a really good writer - keep it up! I'll be back looking for more to read!

3:13 PM  

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